Product Reclaim

Whether you suspect contamination or a recall is already underway, we’ll isolate the affected items so the rest can be sold with confidence – either at your facility or ours.


We can find most physical contaminants in most packaging types.


30 machines in stock, 24/7 emergency service, and responsive technicians.


Our reporting software provides analytics and proof of inspection.


ABM’s reclaim service determines the safety of products within a compromised batch. When a product complaint is received, the entire batch will often be recalled or put in quarantine where it often lies until it’s expired. Similarly, when production managers realize there is a contaminant in one item out of thousands or simply fear there may be, the batch is sold at a risk or parceled out to employees.

To solve this problem, we rent out x-ray machine for producers’ use or receive the product and perform the product in-house. We’ll unintrusively scan the product for rocks, bones, glass, metal, etc., and provide x-ray images of each scan for added assurance. From bones in chili, needles in boots, to explosives in air bags, and holes in bread we’ve seen it all and can help with any application. We have an expert team with a 24/7 service policy, 30 machines in stock for quick delivery, and the experience to give you the same level of confidence we have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which contaminants are detectable?
Anything with a large enough density difference from your product. The most common contaminants are glass, metal (stainless, ferrous, non-ferrous), mineral stone, dense plastic & rubber, and bone. There are other materials x-rays can find in many situations, and not all of the materials just listed can be found under all circumstances. It all depends on your product and the medium.
What about cans, glass, and foil packaging?
We can find glass in glass packaging, metal in metal packaging; it really doesn’t matter provided the density of the contaminant differs enough from that of the product.
How can we assure buyers that the product is safe?
Our proprietary software, DSO Sentinel, was designed to provide peace of mind for large clients like Costco and automatic audit fulfillment for their suppliers. This software archives and stores inspection data including optical and x-ray images of every item produced. We use this software on every reclaim we perform so that our clients have proof of product safety.Optical and X-Ray Images of Product
What does it look like in practice; do you ship a machine to us?

We are happy to recieve your product in our facility or send a technician and machine out to yours; it all depends which shipping option is cheaper. Most customers rent an x-ray machine and hire one of our technicians to guide their own staff through the process. 

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