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X-Ray Inspection & Rental Services

Contaminant found in your product? Don’t worry. Physical contaminants could be introduced at multiple points in a process line. Whether you suspect contamination or a recall is underway, ABM has you covered with product reclaim, emergency x-ray inspection services and x-ray rentals.


We can find most physical contaminants in most packaging types.


30 machines in stock, 24/7 emergency service, and responsive technicians.


Our reporting software provides analytics and proof of inspection.

Separating Good Product From Contaminated Batches

What contaminants can we find?

Eagle Product Inspection x-ray systems can find physical contaminants which have densities that vary enough from the product, regardless of packaging. This includes but is not limited to: metal (ferrous & nonferrous), glass, stone/rock, bone, and sometimes plastics and rubbers.

Why X-Ray?

X-ray inspection finds more than just metal. It’s incredibly safe and can find multiple contaminants as well as perform other quality checks such as package integrity, weight, and item count if needed.

How Quickly Can It Be Done?

As soon as the product parameters are set-up on the x-ray machine, inspection can begin. Call us anytime, 24/7!

What About Documentation?

ABM’s DSO Sentinel reporting software provides detailed analytics, proof of inspection, and validation reports. Learn more about DSO’s extensive capabilites here.

Avoid a Recall

Product recalls cost more than just money. Customer safety and brand reputation are also on the line. Avoiding a product recall through reclaim ensures potentially contaminated product doesn’t make it to market.

Recovery of Product

Suspect batches, or worse yet, if a product complaint is received, affected product is often put into quarantine taking up precious space and could sit for some time until it can be re-inspected or thrown away. Loss of production time, product cost, and storage take their toll on your bottom line, especially if it’s made it to final packaging. But do you really have to toss the suspect product? The answer is no. ABM’s reclaim service determines the safety of products within a compromised batch!

Product reclaim and recovery with x-ray inspection enables you to separate the good product from the bad. Good product can be sent on for further production or to retailers. Bad product can be discarded or analyzed to identify the contaminant source so that corrective action can be made. This safeguards your customers, brand reputation and profit margin.


If your primary inspection system goes down and a repair is weeks or even days away, a rental system can quickly be shipped and installed to get you back up and running. Or, if a suspect batch is waiting to be inspected, a rental unit can resolve your throughput issue to get your product out the door.

ABM Equipment stocks 30 x-ray inspection machines. Whether your need is short- or long-term, ABM can assist with rental, set-up, training and reporting.

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