Protect your company and improve your process with the new software & application package for Eagle PI machines.


Control processes with total-population insights across multiple KPIs.


Fulfill audits easily and unequivocally refute spurious claims.


Monitor processes with standard reports and remote notifications.


DSO SentinelTM ties inspection data to unique identifiers printed on each item. When a contamination claim is made, a simple query for the product number returns all data necessary to prove an item’s safety and keep the batch out of quarantine.


Utilizing Best Available Technology gives confidence to buyers and demonstrates commitment to safety in the event of a claim. DSO SentinelTM also allows contaminant cards to be placed in live runs and automates all record-keeping necessary for buyer audits.


When screening for various product flaws, Eagle’s TraceServerTM application generates a lot a useful data. DSO SentinelTM turns this data into actionable insights into line performance and remotely alerts managers of abnormal events.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How is DSO Sentinel licensed?
DSO Sentinel is licensed for use with one TraceServer database at a single facility. The base license covers up to three X-ray systems, with an add-on fee for each additional machine connected to TraceServer. DSO Sentinel is typically installed as a shared application on the same server as TraceServer and the database it uses. There is no restriction on the number of users utilizing DSO Sentinel at that facility and users are free to access the application via remote desktop tools. The application comes with 12 months of remote support and standard updates, after which an annual maintenance agreement is available to continue this coverage.
What if we don't need some of the capabilities?
No problem. We offer varying packages depending on businesses’ needs: DSO Sentinel Standard Edition is designed for facilities using Eagle systems for contaminant inspection and weighing. DSO Sentinel Professional Edition provides the Standard Edition capabilities plus additional capabilities needed by facilities using Eagle Fat Analysis (FA) systems. DSO Sentinel Master Edition provides all the capabilities of the Professional Edition plus those needed for item-level traceability.
Is there a trial version?
We’re happy to discuss arranging trials, but it’s not something you just download and try out on your own. You will need to be running TraceServer or higher, or at least be able to install TraceServer for the trial period. Contact us to go over your specific situation and figure out what will work best.
What if we don't have an Eagle x-ray machine?
Get one! As Eagle’s principle distributor in the United States, our efforts center around their equipment. Our goal is to enhance their already robust offering in order to provide distinct advantages over our competitors. We don’t support competitors’ machines, so to use DSO Sentinel you will need an Eagle machine.
What if we're not in the U.S.?
No problem. We remotely install and provide support virtually everywhere; as long as there’s VPN or Internet access. Even when facilities are just a few miles away, providing service remotely usually makes the most sense.