Reclaim / Recovery

When x-ray detection is foregone, physical contaminants work their way into final products. Whether you suspect product may be contaminated or a recall is already underway, we can help. We’ll isolate the affected items so the rest can be sold with confidence.

Complete Flexibility

With very few exceptions we can find any rigid contaminant in any packaging anywhere; your facility or ours.

100% Certainty

Not only did we literally write the [software] book on reclaim, but we put our name and money behind the safety of your product.

360° Service

We have 30 machines in stock, a 24/7, 365 service policy, and highly experienced, dependable technicians.


ABM’s product reclaim service allows the recovery of food and other products suspected of physical contamination. When a producer or retailer receives a complaint about a product, the entire batch will often be recalled or put in quarantine until it is expired and ultimately disposed of. Similarly, when production managers realize there is a contaminant in one item out of thousands or simply fear there may be, the batch is sold at a risk or parceled out to employees. Clearly, these options are not ideal.

Product reclaim is the solution to this problem. Whether producers prefer to rent an x-ray machine for their own use or have the entire process executed in our facility, we help unintrusively ensure that product is safe. From bones in chili to needles in boot linings to explosives in air bags, we’ve done it all. We boast an expert team with a 24/7 service policy, 30 machines in stock for quick delivery, and the experience to give you the same level of confidence we have.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which contaminants are detectable?
Officially? Glass, metal (stainless, ferrous, non-ferrous), mineral stone, dense plastic & rubber, and bone. Unofficially? Anything with a differing density from its surroundings at 0.9mm in diameter or greater is likely a yes; it just takes a little customization. Once we were hired to find air pockets in bread; worked like a dream.
What about cans, glass, and foil packaging?
We can find glass in glass packaging, metal in metal packaging; it really doesn’t matter provided the density of the contaminant differs enough from that of the product.
What does it look like in practice; do you ship a machine to us?
Sure! Reclaim can be done at your facility ours. We’re happy to recieve your batch and do it ourselves or send a machine and a technician to your site. In this case they can either perform it or train your personell. We’re flexible.

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