DSO Sentinel

Analytics & Traceability
For Today’s Producer

Detailed Analytics

Control processes with total-population insights across multiple KPI’s.


Item-Level Traceability

Fulfill audits easily and unequivocally refute spurious claims.

Real-Time Reporting

Monitor processes with automated reports and remote notifications.

– Overview –

DSO SentinelTM modernizes process control for users of Eagle PI machines. It allows automatic and custom reports to be generated internally or exported to third-party programs by providing functional, intuitive use of Eagle’s TraceserverTM.

The first benefit, included with DSO SentinelTM Standard Edition, is a dramatic improvement of production lines. With access to the wide array of metrics determinable from x-ray images (package integrity, fill-level/weight, item count, clip count, etc.) production issues are both easily identified and diagnosed. The readiness and total-populatory nature of the data makes remedies more decisive and likely, and the consolidation of machines increases up-time. Furthermore, the ability to receive remote notifications regarding faults or unusual behavior keeps management informed and laborers aware.

The Second benefit, included with DSO SentinelTM Master Edition is protection from spurious claims of contamination. By including high-speed machine printers and cameras, each item’s inspection data can be archived as well. A simple query of a unique identifier will return all the data necessary to prove an item’s safety and keep your batches out of quarantine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if we're not in the U.S.?

No problem. Eagle’s Traceserver allows us to remotely install and provide support anywhere, as long as there’s Wi-Fi. Even when plants are just a few miles away providing service remotely often makes the most sense.

What if we only want the analytics?

No problem. We offer several different packages depending on your needs.

What if we don't have an Eagle x-ray machine?

Get one! As Eagle’s principle distributor, our efforts center around their equipment. Our goal is to enhance their already robust offering in order to demonstrate distinct advantages over our competitors. We don’t develop competitors’ machines, so in order to use DSO Sentinel you will need an Eagle machine.

What's wrong with Traceserver? Can't we just use that?

Traceserver is great at recording data. It just doesn’t provide the access to this data you’d need to get practical insights on your product line or protect your company. In order to generate reports, get notifications, and track each item, you need the DSO Sentinel system.

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