As Eagle PI’s principle distributors, we connect manufacture & practical application.

By tailoring x-ray machines at the integration stage, producers can obtain optimal solutions with minimal hassle and Eagle is able to control prices through economies of scale.

As a quality and service company, we focus on careful theory & solid execution.

Our expert staff and healthy R&D budget are dedicated to enhancing and exploring inspection possibilities through the creation of software and development of machines.


Find the ideal machine for your application

Product Reclaim

Contaminant isolation in-house or at your facility


Tailored machines and applications


Repairs, refurbishment, & replacement


Full-service, seamless installation

Item Traceability

Fulfill audits easily and refute claims at the item level

Real-Time Data

In-depth, total-population insights & remote alerts


We have the machines and flexibility for any need

Machines & Applications

We’ve partnered with Eagle Product Inspection because, with the highest throughput and lowest after-purchase costs available, we think they’re the best. Their machines’ capabilities are nicely outlined on their site with detailed descriptions and organization by industry and packaging type.

Traceability & Analytics

Our technicians help companies detect the widest array of contaminants and product defects possible. Our software, DSO Sentinel, allows the use of data collected from inspection processes to holistically improve producers’ lines and protect their companies from false contamination claims.

Product Reclaim & Rentals

With over 30 in stock, our machines can arrive quickly and stay for however long they’re needed. If contamination is suspected post-production, we speedily and reliably isolate the contaminant in either your facility or our own and send the rest of the batch on its way.

Innovative Design


We have a long history of focusing on holistic systems, and know how everything fits together in the big and small picture. Whether you need very little or a lot of involvement, our technicians will know how to help.

Trusted Supply


Not only does our team’s experience mean a glut of trade tricks, but it also means we have time-tested relationships throughout the industry. With trust comes efficiency, and our solutions are carried out more quickly, with fewer steps, and less risk.

Experienced Application


Our team is home to top-tier talent from the industry. We brag ruthlessly about their breadth and depth of knowledge in hopes that you’ll call them and find out for yourself. We think you’ll agree.